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HarlotShe sells pleasure for money... 
Working in a New Orleans brothel is the only life Melisande Angelle has ever known. The work means nothing to her, it’s only a way to stay fed and sheltered…until Bill Donnelly begins to visit and awakens something inside her she’s never felt before. Desire. She starts to view him as a man instead of a client, and his visits become more than transactions...for both of them. 

But her heart remains untouched.
After years of looking out for herself, Melisande is stunned to find that someone else might care for her. Men have never offered anything but pain, and she never even dreamed of more. So when Bill proposes a new path for both of them, can she find the courage to trust him with her body and her heart?

* * *

Angel is a prequel to my new erotic romance, Harlot. For everyone who asked for Melisande and Bill's love it is! I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into their life together.

Warning: Harlot and Angel are darker than most of my other books. Be prepared for a little wrongness. Just the right amount of wrong, hopefully.

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