Lead Me On LEAD ME ON - Watch for it in January 2010!

The wrong man just might be her perfect fit...

Jane stood and smoothed down her skirt as Chase threw a couple of bills onto the table. Her knees shook. She’d never done this, not as an adult, anyway. But here she was, taking a man home for meaningless sex. Well, not to her home, of course. What if he decided to hang around afterward? What if he got the sheets dirty?

When Chase grabbed her hand, she realized it was the first time they’d touched. She also realized that his skin sent flashes of electricity sizzling along her nerves. His hand was hot and big and rough around the edges. He felt like a man. Her weak knees shivered.

He led her out of the crowded bar and across the street to his truck. When they reached the passenger door, Chase stopped and turned to face her with serious eyes. “This isn’t something weird is it?”

“What?” The tipsiness she’d been comforting herself with made it hard to figure out his strange question.

“I don’t look like your dead husband or anything, do I?”

“What are you talking about?”

He watched her, his fingers sliding more deeply between hers. “You said you’ve never done this before.”

“I haven’t.” Not recently anyway.

His eyes narrowed to glittering slits as his gaze dropped to her lips. “I like that.”

Before she could think what to say, Chase dipped his head and pressed his lips to hers. She wasn’t ready for it. Strange, considering she’d propositioned him just a few minutes before. But she wasn’t expecting the taste of him right at the moment, his lips brushing over hers.

His mouth was nothing like his hands. His mouth touched her softly, a gentle pressure, testing her, feeling her out. When her shock wore off, Jane finally responded. She parted her lips a little, pressing into him, and Chase took the hint.

A shock of warmth against her bottom lip revealed itself to be his tongue, touching briefly before drawing away.

“Mm,” she sighed, angling her head in encouragement. He tasted her again, teasing her until she followed his tongue with her own. Oh, my. His work-roughened hand slipped around the back of her neck as he pulled her closer. Chase kissed her deeper, deeper, until Jane found herself clutching his T-shirt and hanging on tight. His tongue thrust slowly. There was going to be no jack-rabbit action in this man’s bed. This was a careful, controlled assault.

The shivering in her knees climbed higher, shaking through her thighs. As if sensing his work was done, Chase brushed his lips over hers one last time before pulling away.
“Well,” he murmured. “Ready to go?”

Jane nodded. “Definitely.”

The truck beeped, the locks popped open, and Chase reached for the door handle. “After you, Miss Jane.”

She flushed a bit at the reminder of who she was to him, but that didn’t stop her from climbing up and snapping the seatbelt into place. This was a bad idea, but Jane wasn’t really a good girl and she never had been. She’d been faking it for ten years without a slip. Ten long years.

Frankly, it was a miracle she’d lasted...

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